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I NEED to know what jeans Jessica Alba is wearing on these pics!  I just love the cut and the retro light blue wash. 

 jessica alba pregnantjessica alba pregnant 1

This blue shade, reminds me of my vintage 70’s Levis elephants legs I USED to wear and looove when I was sweet 16…But unfortunatly, their not part of my jeans’ team anymore.  My super mom trowed them away, apparently by mistake! LOL…. huummm…not sure about that!  She hated them! 

So..I’ll find out about these pretty jeans and let you know ..(I have that little feeling they are HUDSON’s..)

Anyway, I’ll be back with the crispy details! 🙂

(OH BOY!!! This girl is not going to stop covering her face any time soon!! Paparazzis will be sticking 10X more to her a**  now that she is in the pregnant celebs club.)


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