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To continue on the crazy fur frenzy track…  

After our last week approval of Kate Moss and Kate Hudson’s “sensas” white fur coats… make some noise for Alessandra Ambrosia who did such a great job at rockin’ her white fur cropped jacket, perfectly matching her cute short party dress!  WOW! I LOVE, LOVE the way she put it together. 

I mean.. this is APPROVED without even thinking.  You are GOING TO HOLLYWOOD honey!! 😉


 ..if you’re a lady planning to follow Alessandra’s footsteps, there’s this Kaitlin white rabbit fur jacket at GUESS for $248 that could do the job! and the big + is that this style is a classic. 


Not satisfied? You might check out that post I did last week with more fur coats + jackets choices,  here you go chic girls.


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Because the fur coats are so HOT right now I did a special web shopping run to see how we can make our trip outside in the cold spectacular! 😉

And found some beautiful real and faux fur for the anti-fur girls.  Check it out!

Here is the BEST option to make it diva-ish like Kate Moss and Kate Hudson in their white fur coat.


MARCIANO Felicia coat rabbit with leather belt. $498. 



MARCIANO Zebra Kate jacket rabbit with leather piping. $428 ..♥STUNNING! 



WET SEAL Faux Fur Buckle Belt jacket $46.50



BABY PHAT Belted Fur Coat faux fur with kitty charm around waist. $189



JUICY COUTURE Faux Fur Coat. $448. 

Cute but NOT WORTH the $448.  I would NEVER ever pay this for a faux fur.  You must be crazy in love with JC to give that money for this synthetic piece.  I’d rather buy a woolen JUICY COUTURE coat (for example the “wool peacoat” style wool/ cashemire mix) for almost the same price. 


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Looking around on the web… good destiny made me end up on MISS SIXTY ONLINE store.  To make me realize I’ve been forgetting for almost a year about the Miss Sixty that I used to adore so much! It used to be one of my favorite brands for shoes, clothes, accessories… etc. I wanted everything…  I guess I did kind of an overdose of it. 

But I’M BACK IN LOVE…I just found the coolest winter jacket….well.. to say it right, the perfecto complete look remixed into a winter coat version.  Great option for girls that can’t get enough of their leather biker look… it gives us the chance to extend our fall love affair through colder days.

3115_black.jpg 3115_back.jpg

Nylon asymmetrical zip-up jacket with shelf belt and back pocket. 

MISS SIXTY  Re-Day-Dream Down Jacket $269.  CHECK IT OUT!

WHOA! This jacket is amazing!  Unbelievable how it look like a real perfecto.  Good thing the jacket is stuffed with down which is always a big +.  I know it maybe a little short but..we’ll be happy to have it for the warmer winter days.  😉


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