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How can a person like her with money and resources can show up to the world with outrageous curls, and screwed up gradient blond color like this? 

Starting bleach followed with light yellow to turn into an orange to get rust and go back to light yellow. WOW.   

And the outfit? no comments.




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Seems like tonight is the DA night where some of our friends are heading straight to the “FASHION WTF” category! 

I was looking at my celebs websites/blogs and had to put the reading on “PAUSE” to come and relieve myself because it was just SO BAD. lol (and actually, I just realize what a good girl I’ve been lately…it feels like forever since I did any bitching! huumm… impressive by my standards  😉 )

NO BUT… WTF?  (sorry but no other word suits better than the wonderful WTF. lol.) Mischa Barton is getting so good at entertaining us with her wardrobe malfunction day after day. Did she truly think this stupid outfit would be a hit??  She HAS GOT to be playing idiot and wearing this just to get attention cause this is too hilarious.  I mean the blouse and that huge puffy balloon crunchy asymetrical skirt are terrible on their own, no wonder both together render an horrific result….and the new blond hair doesn’t look good on top of that. 


Second disaster is Madonna going to Cipriani with her greasy 2″ roots.  No comments!  Except that it makes me feel less ashamed about my 1″ that I have to do.  🙂


Last one is miss Paaaaaaris Hilton wearing those AWFUL Roberto Cavalli at H&M leopard print tights (leftovers that nobody wanted) matching perfectly the dress to make the whole thing ever more sickening.  And how unsexy is she! (does the ‘unsexy’ word exist?lol) …her way of walking, standing and posing is “euww”.  So irritating.  She must be the one I hate the most in Freakin’ Hollywood. 


OK, My “bitching break” is over! Well, I hope this is it for tonight.  Thanks for reading, now I’m good to go back to my celebs blogs reading favorite activity!

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