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I NEED to know what jeans Jessica Alba is wearing on these pics!  I just love the cut and the retro light blue wash. 

 jessica alba pregnantjessica alba pregnant 1

This blue shade, reminds me of my vintage 70’s Levis elephants legs I USED to wear and looove when I was sweet 16…But unfortunatly, their not part of my jeans’ team anymore.  My super mom trowed them away, apparently by mistake! LOL…. huummm…not sure about that!  She hated them! 

So..I’ll find out about these pretty jeans and let you know ..(I have that little feeling they are HUDSON’s..)

Anyway, I’ll be back with the crispy details! 🙂

(OH BOY!!! This girl is not going to stop covering her face any time soon!! Paparazzis will be sticking 10X more to her a**  now that she is in the pregnant celebs club.)


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This fall I’ve been adoring these thigh high boots since the beginning!!  So, no surprise that seeing Kate Moss wearing hers, especially, over the skinny jeans make me salivating more and more about the idea of getting a pair too.. 


I really like them over the skinny jeans.  It makes them easier to wear everyday, and gives a more casual look than paired with a mini skirt or mini dress.


…But they will always be ready for the dressed up night out and ensure the sexiness! I WISH I will one day get to parade in these boots!  Santa Claus?? did you hear that!?

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I got them in the mail yesterday, they are now mine 🙂


Remember,  I was telling you that I had decided to make the jump and buy a pair of the WILLIAM RAST Savoy low trouser in Evening wash (Jessica Simpson’s jeans).  I know, It took a long time until I could tell you more about them.  The reason is, as I said lately, I received them but had to send them back because the size was too small for me (like very small).  I got scared and ordered a size smaller than usual after looking at some reviews saying that they weren’t fitting true to size and running smaller than normal.  It ended up not being the case for me, I at the end went for the same size as I buy most of the time in jeans.  Yes, for me they do fit true to size.  Anyways…all that count is that I’m very happy now that I have the right size for me. 

What I have to say is…OMG, they are the MOST low rise jeans I’ve EVER had.  I wasn’t expecting that much.  I thought my FRANKIE B. were the lowest that could exist, but no.  WR Savoy ultra low trouser aren’t called “ultra low” for fun, they really are!!  Especially front rise, I’m not kidding, the fly is made with a mini baby 2″ zipper length.  But hopefully, the back rise length is made to look a little higher compare to front so it’s fine for me..and I know denim will give a little more after worn a few times.  But still, it is not high at all.  Standing up is good but when you sit it’s risky.  You must make sure you have your cute panties on or the long top to cover…because chances are there for butt crack to say “hello”.  But I ♥LOVE them.  They are a great buy!  Definitely one of the nicest jeans I’ve got.  I will, for sure, wear them alot. (with my long tops 😉 ) 

If you wanna have a better idea of how it looks on me (girl’s next door body), I took some pictures of the waist part front, side and back views. 


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I bought a new pair of TRUE RELIGION last week that I’M CRAZY IN LOVE with!  🙂

I went craaazy for the BILLY in Medium Drifter wash

true-wj584_v1.jpg  true-wj584_v3.jpg 

Believe it or not, they are 100% cotton and fit A1.  Usually, I need some stretch but with this one I had absolutely no problem.  I was able to get them very tight fit because they are just the perfect cut.  The Legs look narrower on me than the picture, so it’s like a skinny fit which I’m happy about.  I wasn’t convinced about the TR fall07 new back pockets style but I love it now.  I love very much the “medium drifter” wash especially with rips on the knees. 

I bought them in a local store for a good price but if you feel like making them yours, you can get them at Revolve Clothing.  They are carrying the rigid version which alot of stores don’t.

I love TR!  I have this addiction for my JOEY in easy riders that I’ve been wearing non-stop since 2 years.  I had to buy a 2nd pair because the 1st was brought down to death. (no kidding) 

BTW, Next “jeans talk” we’ll have soon is going to be about my new WILLIAM RAST Savoy in Evening…remember my post.  Actually, I received them by mail but unfortunately the fit was too small.  I had to send them back for an exchange and I’m still waiting for them. I’ll keep you updated.  So DON’T listen to reviews from people saying that you should get 1 size smaller than usual because it is NOT true, they do fit true to size. 

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