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This fall I’ve been adoring these thigh high boots since the beginning!!  So, no surprise that seeing Kate Moss wearing hers, especially, over the skinny jeans make me salivating more and more about the idea of getting a pair too.. 


I really like them over the skinny jeans.  It makes them easier to wear everyday, and gives a more casual look than paired with a mini skirt or mini dress.


…But they will always be ready for the dressed up night out and ensure the sexiness! I WISH I will one day get to parade in these boots!  Santa Claus?? did you hear that!?


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For sure you know these!! 😉

GIRLS IT IS TIME to run to AMERICAN APPAREL and get a pair of Lamé Leggings !!  If you are not already that cool chick who’s been rocking these for a while, IT IS time to give it a try … Holiday partys are just perfect opportunity to make this fashion craving a reality!

 black-lame-legging.jpglegging-purple.jpglegging-gold.jpglegging-silver.jpg +more!

OH! and also not to forget a cool $40 to be lightning the place!!  Wonderful if you need to ease up on spending but refuse to put the “flashiness” aside.  And on top of that, considering the fact that you’ll be probably enjoy skipping the search of the top to match.  Because all you need to do is put on that plain cotton camisole or t-shirt dress, and big chances are that you already something interesting in your closet. 

I’m down!…I’m getting the silver ones.  I’ve been having my eyes on these for a while but never went for them!  As you know, I already got that nice party metallic stripe dress… but I still need a few other holidays outfit options and don’t want to spend a 2nd $100+ on a party dress… so this a perfect buy for me.  I’ll probably get the most from my visit at AA and walk out the store with not only the silver, but also the black in my bag!  (I’m so bad at it! probably like many of you,  1 color is never enough! lol)

Because I LOVE too much Lindsay Lohan’s total blackness look.  I’ll follow LL steps and put on my black lamé legging, long cotton t-shirt and high black leather boots…and be in “business” baby!! 🙂


You might be tired of the leggings BUT… admit, this is great to renew your vows and bring back the love.  Far from being the same old story!

AND..Don’t forget! keep it simple on top.  No need to add extra sparks up there, there is enough at bottom.  You are not heading to that costumed party and you are not a spice girl on stage either. 😉

(pics popsugar)

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Huumm… seems like Lindsay is having a soft spot for her black sunglasses! 

Lindsay Lohan black sunglasseslindsay-lohan-black sunglasses 1lindsay-lohan sunglasses

and yeah!…for sure we need to know who is the designer behind.  So, in case that’s what you want for Christmas, here’s the juicy info to give to santa claus. 😉


TOM FORD Ford TF 0003

Yes ..TOM FORD ..AGAIN!  Lindsay loves the TF sunglasses collection and understandably so.  Remember, these STUNNING retro oversize one she used to wear and that I am crazy in ♥ with.

Feeling like shopping TF sunglasses?…GO

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Wow! What a nice coat she has been seen wearing!  I LOVE the black buttons’ contrast on the white.  When I first saw her, It made me think about that MANGO one I was looking at and almost bought a few weeks ago…


I’m telling you, super pretty on and very good price.

The beautiful MANGO white A-line coat (right picture) is called “overcoat zld nicoles“.  Check it out at MANGO shop!

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I’m in love with these ‘Smokin hot’ black thigh high boots that our fashion gals Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna have sported lately… especially paired with the short short dress!


If you d’like to pull out a Lindsay/ Rihanna…

For you ladies that can afford to go $$$ wild, Jill Stuart boots: $770


For the babes on a budget, Steve Madden boots: $295.99


Psst! dangerous zone! you don’t want to look like our Pretty Woman!

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