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Fur to be one of the hottest trend this winter …and gaining popularity, celebrities are wearing their fur coats all over the place (aah..me and my multiple fur posts. lol) and how BAD Peta’s new campaign targeting the Olsen twins is…

thetrollsens1.jpgpeta campaign olsen twinspeta campaign olsen twins 1

Oh Yesss, there is plenty of action in the fur department!  And to add a little more icing on the cake, question of making Peta screeaaaaaam 10X more….

Guess WHO is launching WHAT?? 


Lil Kim is launching her own range of fur!

Her new line called ‘Royalty Fur’ and will include clothes and accessories all made from animal pelts.  She attended the New York premiere of new film The Perfect Holiday on Monday night sporting a $5,000 brown fur coat with a white fur trim from her collection.“Every female in the game, they’re painting their own picture. I do what I do, they do what they do. May the best woman win.”

OH GOD!! They went mad because Olsen twins clothing line “The Row” includes a few fur items. lol.  Let’s just imagine how FURIOUS they must be with Lil Kim’s line which is TOTALLY made out of fur. 

I bet SHE IS, no question about it, the next victim on “Peta’s wish list”!! They must be craving for her so bad at the moment. 



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Huumm… seems like Lindsay is having a soft spot for her black sunglasses! 

Lindsay Lohan black sunglasseslindsay-lohan-black sunglasses 1lindsay-lohan sunglasses

and yeah!…for sure we need to know who is the designer behind.  So, in case that’s what you want for Christmas, here’s the juicy info to give to santa claus. 😉


TOM FORD Ford TF 0003

Yes ..TOM FORD ..AGAIN!  Lindsay loves the TF sunglasses collection and understandably so.  Remember, these STUNNING retro oversize one she used to wear and that I am crazy in ♥ with.

Feeling like shopping TF sunglasses?…GO

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Lauren Conrad (The Hills) designed a few handbags for LINEA PELLE exclusively available at LPCollection.com.  The collection includes a tote (lauren’s picture), a clutch and a coin purse all coming in dark olive, black and espresso brown colors.


CUTE, CUTE!  I love the gold chains’ detail and leather looks of great quality.  The only thing is the bags are on pre-order and will be shipped in December.

So…cute cute for our Xmas wish list or for giving but comes with extra stress.  Shipped in December means what? Are they going to start shipping at beginning, mid or end of the month??  Because we want our gifts sitting under the tree with others right on time…not in the mail!

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