For sure you know these!! ūüėČ

GIRLS IT IS TIME to run to AMERICAN APPAREL and get¬†a pair of Lam√© Leggings¬†!!¬† If you are not already that cool chick who’s been rocking these for a while, IT IS time to give it a try … Holiday partys are just perfect opportunity to¬†make¬†this fashion craving a reality!

 black-lame-legging.jpglegging-purple.jpglegging-gold.jpglegging-silver.jpg +more!

OH! and also not to forget a cool $40 to be lightning the place!!¬† Wonderful if you need to ease up on spending but refuse to put the “flashiness” aside.¬† And on top of that, considering the¬†fact that you’ll be probably enjoy¬†skipping the search of the top to match.¬† Because all you¬†need to do is put¬†on¬†that plain cotton camisole or t-shirt dress, and big chances are that you already something interesting in your closet.¬†

I’m down!…I’m getting the silver ones.¬† I’ve been having my eyes¬†on these for a while but never went for them!¬† As you know, I already got that nice party metallic stripe dress… but¬†I still need a few other holidays outfit options and don’t want to spend a 2nd¬†$100+ on a party dress… so this¬†a¬†perfect buy¬†for me.¬† I’ll probably¬†get the most from¬†my visit at AA and¬†walk out the store with¬†not only the silver, but also the black in my bag!¬† (I’m so bad at it! probably like many of you, ¬†1 color is never enough! lol)

Because I LOVE too much Lindsay Lohan’s total blackness look.¬† I’ll follow LL steps and put on¬†my black lam√© legging, long cotton t-shirt and high black leather boots…and be in “business” baby!! ūüôā


You might¬†be tired of the leggings BUT… admit, this is great to renew your vows and bring back the love.¬† Far from being the same old story!

AND..Don’t forget!¬†keep it simple on top.¬† No need to add extra sparks up there, there is enough at bottom.¬† You are not heading to that costumed¬†party¬†and you are not a spice girl on¬†stage either. ūüėČ

(pics popsugar)

Because the fur coats are so HOT right now I did¬†a¬†special web shopping¬†run to see how we can make our trip outside in the cold spectacular! ūüėČ

And found some beautiful real and faux fur for the anti-fur girls.  Check it out!

Here is the BEST option to make it diva-ish like Kate Moss and Kate Hudson in their white fur coat.


MARCIANO Felicia coat rabbit with leather belt. $498. 



MARCIANO Zebra Kate jacket rabbit with leather piping. $428 ..♥STUNNING! 



WET SEAL Faux Fur Buckle Belt jacket $46.50



BABY PHAT Belted Fur Coat faux fur with kitty charm around waist. $189



JUICY COUTURE Faux Fur Coat. $448. 

Cute¬†but NOT WORTH¬†the $448.¬† I would¬†NEVER ever¬†pay this for a faux fur.¬† You must be crazy in love with JC to give that money for this synthetic piece.¬† I’d rather buy a woolen JUICY COUTURE coat¬†(for example the “wool peacoat” style¬†wool/ cashemire mix)¬†for¬†almost the same price.¬†


Seriously, timing¬†couldn’t be better!¬†¬†Perfect to make us¬†forget about Britney‚Äôs birthday party XXX outfit starring the white fur¬†coat.¬†¬†¬†

Kate Hudson and Kate Moss are confirming, that YESSS, IT IS possible to look chic ladies in the white fur! 


Kate Hudson is WOW…glam curls in the wind, working the long sexy legs in thigh high boots,¬†million box smiley, camera flashs…!

SO HOLLYWOOD GLAM!¬†.. like that ūüėČ

(popsugar pics)

Huumm… seems like Lindsay is¬†having¬†a soft spot for¬†her black sunglasses!¬†

Lindsay Lohan black sunglasseslindsay-lohan-black sunglasses 1lindsay-lohan sunglasses

and yeah!…for sure we need to know who is¬†the designer behind.¬† So, in case that’s what you want for Christmas, here’s the¬†juicy¬†info to give to santa claus. ūüėČ


TOM FORD Ford TF 0003

Yes ..TOM FORD ..AGAIN!  Lindsay loves the TF sunglasses collection and understandably so.  Remember, these STUNNING retro oversize one she used to wear and that I am crazy in ♥ with.

Feeling like shopping TF sunglasses?…GO!¬†

Wow!¬†What a nice coat¬†she has been seen wearing!¬† I¬†LOVE the black buttons’ contrast on the white.¬† When I first saw her, It made me think about that¬†MANGO one I was looking at and almost bought a few weeks ago…


I’m telling you, super pretty on and very good price.

The beautiful MANGO white A-line coat (right picture) is called¬†“overcoat zld nicoles“.¬†¬†Check it out at¬†MANGO shop!

I got them in the mail yesterday, they are now mine ūüôā


Remember, ¬†I was telling you that I had decided to make the jump and buy a pair of the WILLIAM RAST Savoy low trouser in Evening wash (Jessica¬†Simpson’s jeans).¬† I know, It took a¬†long time until I could tell you more about them.¬† The reason is, as I said lately, I¬†received them but had to send them back¬†because the size was too small for me (like very small).¬† I got scared and ordered a size smaller than usual after¬†looking at¬†some reviews saying that they weren’t fitting true to size and running smaller than normal.¬† It ended up not being the case for me, I at the end went for¬†the same size¬†as I buy most of the time¬†in jeans.¬† Yes, for me they do fit true to size.¬† Anyways…all that count is that¬†I’m very happy now that I have the¬†right size for me.¬†

What I have to say is…OMG, they are the MOST low rise jeans I’ve EVER had.¬† I wasn’t expecting that much.¬† I thought my FRANKIE B. were the lowest¬†that could exist, but no.¬†¬†WR¬†Savoy ultra¬†low trouser aren’t called “ultra low” for fun, they really are!!¬† Especially front rise, I’m not kidding, the fly is made¬†with a mini¬†baby¬†2″ zipper length.¬†¬†But hopefully, the back rise length¬†is made to look a little higher¬†compare to¬†front so¬†it’s fine for me..and I know denim will give a little more after worn a few times.¬† But still, it is not high at all.¬† Standing up is¬†good but when you sit it’s risky.¬† You must make sure¬†you have your cute panties on¬†or the long top to cover…because¬†chances are there for butt crack¬†to say “hello”.¬† But I ‚ô•LOVE them.¬† They are a great buy!¬†¬†Definitely one of the nicest jeans I’ve got.¬† I will, for sure, wear them alot. (with my long tops ūüėČ )¬†

If you wanna have a better idea of how it looks on me (girl’s next door body), I took some pictures¬†of¬†the waist part front,¬†side and back views.¬†


…flashing the red version


Aren’t the¬†RAY BAN¬†wayfarer¬†sunglasses terrific in red!¬†Mary Kate¬†is waking me up on these.

There is also Sienna¬†Miller¬†who is beautifully wearing them.¬† I’ve never really been attracted¬†to the¬†original wayfarers, I don’t know… probably¬†because¬†my¬†eyes kept seeing these other¬†“wayferers fans”¬†that¬†are just not fashion inspiring me.¬†(thinking about¬†Drew, kiki…)¬†

But now, I’m mentally ready,¬†you can bring that¬†flashy red over here!