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I got them in the mail yesterday, they are now mine ūüôā


Remember, ¬†I was telling you that I had decided to make the jump and buy a pair of the WILLIAM RAST Savoy low trouser in Evening wash (Jessica¬†Simpson’s jeans).¬† I know, It took a¬†long time until I could tell you more about them.¬† The reason is, as I said lately, I¬†received them but had to send them back¬†because the size was too small for me (like very small).¬† I got scared and ordered a size smaller than usual after¬†looking at¬†some reviews saying that they weren’t fitting true to size and running smaller than normal.¬† It ended up not being the case for me, I at the end went for¬†the same size¬†as I buy most of the time¬†in jeans.¬† Yes, for me they do fit true to size.¬† Anyways…all that count is that¬†I’m very happy now that I have the¬†right size for me.¬†

What I have to say is…OMG, they are the MOST low rise jeans I’ve EVER had.¬† I wasn’t expecting that much.¬† I thought my FRANKIE B. were the lowest¬†that could exist, but no.¬†¬†WR¬†Savoy ultra¬†low trouser aren’t called “ultra low” for fun, they really are!!¬† Especially front rise, I’m not kidding, the fly is made¬†with a mini¬†baby¬†2″ zipper length.¬†¬†But hopefully, the back rise length¬†is made to look a little higher¬†compare to¬†front so¬†it’s fine for me..and I know denim will give a little more after worn a few times.¬† But still, it is not high at all.¬† Standing up is¬†good but when you sit it’s risky.¬† You must make sure¬†you have your cute panties on¬†or the long top to cover…because¬†chances are there for butt crack¬†to say “hello”.¬† But I ‚ô•LOVE them.¬† They are a great buy!¬†¬†Definitely one of the nicest jeans I’ve got.¬† I will, for sure, wear them alot. (with my long tops ūüėČ )¬†

If you wanna have a better idea of how it looks on me (girl’s next door body), I took some pictures¬†of¬†the waist part front,¬†side and back views.¬†



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I’m so happy, I just bought a gorgeous party dress for holidays! ūüėČ Wow! that was faster than I expected!¬† I thought I would have to search much more than that to¬†find¬†one¬†I truly liked.¬† Good thing, that’s 1¬†item¬†checked¬†on the holiday ‘things-to-do list’.¬† I wasn’t even supposed to go shopping today but¬†ended up¬†in the stores once again.¬† How come we always find great¬†stuff out¬†of nowhere when we aren’t specifically looking for anything!!

I found this gold and silver lurex stripe dress at GUESS.  Here it is, my new Nola sweaterdress..


I still don’t know¬†if it’s¬†going to happen at my¬†boyfriend’s office party, christmas or new year.

Remember… NY (“Noo yowk”¬†from¬†“Flavor of love”) lately wore the same exact dress¬†for a¬†night out¬†to club Les Deux.¬† And…


…didn’t look good, not to say quite SL**TY.¬† A HUGE pair of boobs and a gold tacky belt¬†that messed up the whole thing.

But I must say she did a good job with the gold metallic sandals.  They are perfect to add that little extra spark.  I will for sure go with mettallic footwear and wear this dress with my pair of silver leather pumps.  I got these fantastic BCBGirls pumps for 50$ at Winners (TJMaxx) back in September. 

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I bought a new pair of TRUE RELIGION¬†last week¬†that I’M CRAZY IN LOVE with!¬† ūüôā

I went craaazy for the BILLY in Medium Drifter wash. 

true-wj584_v1.jpg  true-wj584_v3.jpg 

Believe it or not, they are 100% cotton and¬†fit A1.¬† Usually,¬†I need some stretch but with this one I had absolutely no problem.¬† I was able to get them very tight fit because they are just the perfect cut.¬† The Legs look narrower on me¬†than the picture, so it’s like a skinny fit which I’m happy about.¬† I wasn’t convinced about the TR fall07 new back pockets style but I love it now.¬†¬†I love very much the “medium drifter” wash especially with rips on the knees.¬†

I bought them in a local store for a good price but if you feel like making¬†them yours, you can get them at¬†Revolve Clothing.¬† They are carrying the rigid version which alot of stores don’t.

I¬†love TR!¬† I¬†have this¬†addiction for¬†my¬†JOEY in easy riders that I’ve been wearing non-stop since 2 years. ¬†I had to buy a 2nd pair because the 1st was brought down to death. (no kidding)¬†

BTW, Next “jeans talk” we’ll have soon is going to be¬†about my new¬†WILLIAM RAST Savoy in Evening…remember my post.¬† Actually, I¬†received them by mail but unfortunately the fit was too small.¬† I had to send them back for an exchange and¬†I’m still waiting for them. I’ll keep you updated.¬† So DON’T listen to reviews from people saying that you should get 1 size smaller than usual because it is NOT true, they do fit true to size.¬†

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MAKE SOME NOISE for my new UGGS!!¬† yesss! winter is almost here..it’s time to start to wear the “moumou” boots! (it’s about the only thing that gets me excited about winter time. lol)¬†


It is a real ‘winter love affair’, every year I get a brand new pair to attack winter ‘top comfy and cute’. (comfy+cute is really a hard thing to get when it comes to ‘winter boots’ )¬† I know some gals attack summer in LA with them.. lol …but at -20C (or -4F) there’s even more love! It’s funny how each year I jump back in them and get to rediscover how these boots are a WOW…a real feet paradise!

But it’s always the same story,¬† each fall I get so excited to start wearing them again, and by MARCH, I get sick of it all and can’t see them anymore….and dump them!¬†lol¬†

..and it goes on and¬†on…. ūüėČ

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Justin Timberlake’s jeans brand¬†got me! I fiiiiinally bought the¬†“famous”¬†William Rast jeans savoy in evening wash.¬† Even if i’m sick of JT and tired to see Miss Simpson wearing them non-stop!¬†


hehe look who’s talking…i’m so sure¬†i’ll do the same¬†

Can’t wait¬†to get them! …I’ll give you complete feed back.



Get more William Rast jeans at Revolve clothing

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