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I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t like this bag AT ALL. 

To me it looks ridiculous and unclassy… you would have to pay me to walk around with it. (and still I’m not sure if I would) 



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I NEED to know what jeans Jessica Alba is wearing on these pics!  I just love the cut and the retro light blue wash. 

 jessica alba pregnantjessica alba pregnant 1

This blue shade, reminds me of my vintage 70’s Levis elephants legs I USED to wear and looove when I was sweet 16…But unfortunatly, their not part of my jeans’ team anymore.  My super mom trowed them away, apparently by mistake! LOL…. huummm…not sure about that!  She hated them! 

So..I’ll find out about these pretty jeans and let you know ..(I have that little feeling they are HUDSON’s..)

Anyway, I’ll be back with the crispy details! 🙂

(OH BOY!!! This girl is not going to stop covering her face any time soon!! Paparazzis will be sticking 10X more to her a**  now that she is in the pregnant celebs club.)

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Huumm… seems like Lindsay is having a soft spot for her black sunglasses! 

Lindsay Lohan black sunglasseslindsay-lohan-black sunglasses 1lindsay-lohan sunglasses

and yeah!…for sure we need to know who is the designer behind.  So, in case that’s what you want for Christmas, here’s the juicy info to give to santa claus. 😉


TOM FORD Ford TF 0003

Yes ..TOM FORD ..AGAIN!  Lindsay loves the TF sunglasses collection and understandably so.  Remember, these STUNNING retro oversize one she used to wear and that I am crazy in ♥ with.

Feeling like shopping TF sunglasses?…GO

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…flashing the red version


Aren’t the RAY BAN wayfarer sunglasses terrific in red! Mary Kate is waking me up on these.

There is also Sienna Miller who is beautifully wearing them.  I’ve never really been attracted to the original wayfarers, I don’t know… probably because my eyes kept seeing these other “wayferers fans” that are just not fashion inspiring me. (thinking about Drew, kiki…) 

But now, I’m mentally ready, you can bring that flashy red over here!

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I’m so happy, I just bought a gorgeous party dress for holidays! 😉 Wow! that was faster than I expected!  I thought I would have to search much more than that to find one I truly liked.  Good thing, that’s 1 item checked on the holiday ‘things-to-do list’.  I wasn’t even supposed to go shopping today but ended up in the stores once again.  How come we always find great stuff out of nowhere when we aren’t specifically looking for anything!!

I found this gold and silver lurex stripe dress at GUESS.  Here it is, my new Nola sweaterdress..


I still don’t know if it’s going to happen at my boyfriend’s office party, christmas or new year.

Remember… NY (“Noo yowk” from “Flavor of love”) lately wore the same exact dress for a night out to club Les Deux.  And…


…didn’t look good, not to say quite SL**TY.  A HUGE pair of boobs and a gold tacky belt that messed up the whole thing.

But I must say she did a good job with the gold metallic sandals.  They are perfect to add that little extra spark.  I will for sure go with mettallic footwear and wear this dress with my pair of silver leather pumps.  I got these fantastic BCBGirls pumps for 50$ at Winners (TJMaxx) back in September. 

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You are craving for Vanessa Hudgens’s long grey cardigan?  You don’t want anything BUT the SAME EXACT one she has?

You’re gonna love me because I found the about it girls!

vhudgensdadattack1107_11.jpg vanessa-hudgens-dad-32.jpg.

Vanessa is wearing the C&C CALIFORNIA Cashemire Kimono cardigan in grey . In case you can’t get enough of the grey version, this gorgeous piece is also available in Ivory color which I like very much too. 

♥I LOVE it!  I’m soooo tempted right now!  For the ones who are going to buy it I say CONGRATULATIONS! Very intelligent purchase… this is an item you’ll be in love with for years and years…keeping you warm and classy.


If it’s Lindsay’s grey tiger cardigan you are dreaming of..  No problem,  not a secret either! 😉

wenn1656062.jpg wenn1656070.jpg

Lindsay is wearing the ALEXANDER WANG Tiger Intersia Cardigan

awang2001319385_prod_zoom_detail.jpg awang2001319385_prod_zoom_lookbk.jpg

wow! this one was keeping us a surprise at the back.  So cool…I wasn’t expecting that by looking at Lindsay’s pics.  But I must admit I’m not crazy about it. 

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Beyonce is modelling her House Of Dereon new prom dresses in the Cosmopolitain December issue… and she looks gorgeous!

I never was a fan of her clothing line but these dresses make me rethink about it.  Fiiiiiiinaly, Beyonce is offering us a product looking like what we expect to get from her… young, sexy, classy, glamorous and designer looking.  Feels good!


 beyonce-december-cosmo6.jpg beyonce-december-cosmo4.jpg beyonce-december-cosmo3.jpg beyonce-december-cosmo1.jpg beyonce.jpg

Please give us more of the nice stuff!  I hope she will continue delivering the goods like she’s done here.  We’re sick of seeing these celebs entrepreneur take us for idiots, trying to catch us into their circus with sh*ty expensive-for-nothing crap.  That was what I felt we were getting from her. 

I hope she will continue on the good road giving us good designs.  Sorry, I’m talking Beyonce only.. In my head mom+sis are not in the crew..  Beyonce is the one working her ass off and rollin’ the business, we all know that. 


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