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Because the fur coats are so HOT right now I did a special web shopping run to see how we can make our trip outside in the cold spectacular! 😉

And found some beautiful real and faux fur for the anti-fur girls.  Check it out!

Here is the BEST option to make it diva-ish like Kate Moss and Kate Hudson in their white fur coat.


MARCIANO Felicia coat rabbit with leather belt. $498. 



MARCIANO Zebra Kate jacket rabbit with leather piping. $428 ..♥STUNNING! 



WET SEAL Faux Fur Buckle Belt jacket $46.50



BABY PHAT Belted Fur Coat faux fur with kitty charm around waist. $189



JUICY COUTURE Faux Fur Coat. $448. 

Cute but NOT WORTH the $448.  I would NEVER ever pay this for a faux fur.  You must be crazy in love with JC to give that money for this synthetic piece.  I’d rather buy a woolen JUICY COUTURE coat (for example the “wool peacoat” style wool/ cashemire mix) for almost the same price. 



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Wow! What a nice coat she has been seen wearing!  I LOVE the black buttons’ contrast on the white.  When I first saw her, It made me think about that MANGO one I was looking at and almost bought a few weeks ago…


I’m telling you, super pretty on and very good price.

The beautiful MANGO white A-line coat (right picture) is called “overcoat zld nicoles“.  Check it out at MANGO shop!

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If you are a lucky girl shopping for not only party dresses, but also flashy glitteri swimwear outfits because you’re planning to spend holidays (wouhou) the butt in the sand!…well, you can already pop the bottle because there is some hot stuff out there waiting for you.

Here is my chic & sparkly swimwear selection…so you can be rollin’ that beach like a star.                         

Let’s start with my ♥ favorite of all..        


I WISH I could celebrate in this FABUCCI Reversible Bandeau Twist Top Bikini Set $184. 

FABUCCI swimsuits are georgous!  If you love this one, you’ll fall for the rest of the collection.  You HAVE to check out their official website ..HERE


JUICY COUTURE Sequined Maillot $160


MISSONI Samarcanda Metallic Bikini $390


BURBERRY Signature Check Bikini $225


GUESS by Marciano Discolicious One Piece $94


GUESS by Marciano Discolicious Triangle Bra $46 & Discolicious Belted Retro Pant $46


 LISA CURRAN Gold Shirred Triangle+String Bikini Set $160


RED CARTER Giraffe cut-out one-piece $140


GUESS by Marciano High Roller Halter Bra $62 & High Roller Hipster Pant $52


GUESS by Marciano High Roller Cut Out Onepiece $110


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You are craving for Vanessa Hudgens’s long grey cardigan?  You don’t want anything BUT the SAME EXACT one she has?

You’re gonna love me because I found the about it girls!

vhudgensdadattack1107_11.jpg vanessa-hudgens-dad-32.jpg.

Vanessa is wearing the C&C CALIFORNIA Cashemire Kimono cardigan in grey . In case you can’t get enough of the grey version, this gorgeous piece is also available in Ivory color which I like very much too. 

♥I LOVE it!  I’m soooo tempted right now!  For the ones who are going to buy it I say CONGRATULATIONS! Very intelligent purchase… this is an item you’ll be in love with for years and years…keeping you warm and classy.


If it’s Lindsay’s grey tiger cardigan you are dreaming of..  No problem,  not a secret either! 😉

wenn1656062.jpg wenn1656070.jpg

Lindsay is wearing the ALEXANDER WANG Tiger Intersia Cardigan

awang2001319385_prod_zoom_detail.jpg awang2001319385_prod_zoom_lookbk.jpg

wow! this one was keeping us a surprise at the back.  So cool…I wasn’t expecting that by looking at Lindsay’s pics.  But I must admit I’m not crazy about it. 

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Oxford shoes used to be very boring conservative, classical, full coverage, lace up but this time is GONE!  With the gorgeous revamping of the style, we are now totally into the NAUGHTY FASHIONISTA MISTRESS era!

Well… ‘Irma’ shoe from Agent Provocateur’s Pure Sex footwear collection is not there for nothing!! It’s so SEXY.


They are one of the hottest shoes for FALL07… there’s NO QUESTION about it! 

 gwen-stefani-kingston-shopping-13.jpg 14767152_0.jpg stalking-sienna-miller-031.jpg

Fall 07 has brought them back on track with ultra high heels, platforms, patent leather…anything possible to make us fall in love with the oxfords and feel like the sexiest chicks!  Done deal, we’re all crazy about them!

In case you haven’t gotten yours yet!

covent_black-leather_large.jpg covent_tan-leather_large.jpg
probe_black-patent_large.jpg probe_white-patent_large.jpg 
3570_ivory_black.jpg pl538948-00btvliv01.jpg
BETSEY JOHNSON Walsh        WOW!!! the sole is SO pretty ♥ ♥ That’s mine!    We are used to see the red sole but printed roses make them so special!

13903232_01_b.jpg 13903232_11_b.jpg 

Dolce Vita Victoria

9525_012_big.jpg 9525_3401.jpg

L.A.M.B Oxford Pump

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…To continue on L.Lo’s case! (Sorry, I CAN’T resist!)

   lohan-brown-nov-1.jpg llohanmedi102607_3.jpg

This girl just have the CUTTEST men’s hats!  I must admit that I’m not a big fan of hats but actually I very much like the men’s look ones.  I find it SO SEXY!  The thing is that it’s such an nightmare to find a great one on the market… they never seem to be shaped properly and are often cheap looking. 

If you’re feeling like being a “HATNESS”  I found a great options at URBAN OUTFITTERS.

    13589882_04_b.jpg    13589882_70_b.jpg Get more details HERE. 

If you’re really into plaid right now you’re going to LOVE this one…

    13692116_01_b.jpg  GO SEE!

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Let’s talk seriously about that ‘famous’ T-shirt dress/ long T-shirt.. whatever you like…We don’t know how to call it anymore.. lol!  But we certainly know that our fab friends Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens, Cameron Diaz… (and the rest of Hollywood) seem to enjoy it! 

lindsay_lohan_02_wenn50455741.jpg vanessa-hudgens-hollywood-home-161.jpg mr_fp_1663111.jpg

Lindsay+Vanessa played it very cool, relax and casual.  I like Lindsay’s boots and Vanessa’s long cardigan with it.  But Cameron is SO PRETTY!  I love her!  (JT! what did you do man?)  She did bring it to a very chic level, really the gold metallic belt is the key item of her outfit.  Without it, it wouldn’t have the same effect.  She is my favorite!

Now let’s talk business, we want to look cute too!

I did a T-shirt dress shopping research especially for us to have a nice selection to choose from!… and I found nice stuff! yay 🙂  Cause for T-shirt lovers (as I am) it is time to bring our love to another level.                                     

    rsa4304aa.jpg        jame-wd52_v1-big.jpg        kzamb2000412010_347x683f.jpg        yayal2001612397_prod_zoom_front.jpg

american apparel           James Perse             KZ JerZey          LOVE YAYA

♥ I love the LOVE YAYA one

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