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Fur to be one of the hottest trend this winter …and gaining popularity, celebrities are wearing their fur coats all over the place (aah..me and my multiple fur posts. lol) and how BAD Peta’s new campaign targeting the Olsen twins is…

thetrollsens1.jpgpeta campaign olsen twinspeta campaign olsen twins 1

Oh Yesss, there is plenty of action in the fur department!  And to add a little more icing on the cake, question of making Peta screeaaaaaam 10X more….

Guess WHO is launching WHAT?? 


Lil Kim is launching her own range of fur!

Her new line called ‘Royalty Fur’ and will include clothes and accessories all made from animal pelts.  She attended the New York premiere of new film The Perfect Holiday on Monday night sporting a $5,000 brown fur coat with a white fur trim from her collection.“Every female in the game, they’re painting their own picture. I do what I do, they do what they do. May the best woman win.”

OH GOD!! They went mad because Olsen twins clothing line “The Row” includes a few fur items. lol.  Let’s just imagine how FURIOUS they must be with Lil Kim’s line which is TOTALLY made out of fur. 

I bet SHE IS, no question about it, the next victim on “Peta’s wish list”!! They must be craving for her so bad at the moment. 



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I got them in the mail yesterday, they are now mine 🙂


Remember,  I was telling you that I had decided to make the jump and buy a pair of the WILLIAM RAST Savoy low trouser in Evening wash (Jessica Simpson’s jeans).  I know, It took a long time until I could tell you more about them.  The reason is, as I said lately, I received them but had to send them back because the size was too small for me (like very small).  I got scared and ordered a size smaller than usual after looking at some reviews saying that they weren’t fitting true to size and running smaller than normal.  It ended up not being the case for me, I at the end went for the same size as I buy most of the time in jeans.  Yes, for me they do fit true to size.  Anyways…all that count is that I’m very happy now that I have the right size for me. 

What I have to say is…OMG, they are the MOST low rise jeans I’ve EVER had.  I wasn’t expecting that much.  I thought my FRANKIE B. were the lowest that could exist, but no.  WR Savoy ultra low trouser aren’t called “ultra low” for fun, they really are!!  Especially front rise, I’m not kidding, the fly is made with a mini baby 2″ zipper length.  But hopefully, the back rise length is made to look a little higher compare to front so it’s fine for me..and I know denim will give a little more after worn a few times.  But still, it is not high at all.  Standing up is good but when you sit it’s risky.  You must make sure you have your cute panties on or the long top to cover…because chances are there for butt crack to say “hello”.  But I ♥LOVE them.  They are a great buy!  Definitely one of the nicest jeans I’ve got.  I will, for sure, wear them alot. (with my long tops 😉 ) 

If you wanna have a better idea of how it looks on me (girl’s next door body), I took some pictures of the waist part front, side and back views. 


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Lauren Conrad (The Hills) designed a few handbags for LINEA PELLE exclusively available at LPCollection.com.  The collection includes a tote (lauren’s picture), a clutch and a coin purse all coming in dark olive, black and espresso brown colors.


CUTE, CUTE!  I love the gold chains’ detail and leather looks of great quality.  The only thing is the bags are on pre-order and will be shipped in December.

So…cute cute for our Xmas wish list or for giving but comes with extra stress.  Shipped in December means what? Are they going to start shipping at beginning, mid or end of the month??  Because we want our gifts sitting under the tree with others right on time…not in the mail!

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J.Lo’s underwear may not be doing that well in America but is very loved by Italians.  So much that Sweetface signed a 3 years licensing contract with YAMAMAY stores to do a high-end line.

See her collection at Yamamay here


Is this supposed to be high-end lingerie!?  for me, it looks like “high-crap”. 

Well, it better be good…because there is still 3 yeeeaaars on to come.

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Beyonce is modelling her House Of Dereon new prom dresses in the Cosmopolitain December issue… and she looks gorgeous!

I never was a fan of her clothing line but these dresses make me rethink about it.  Fiiiiiiinaly, Beyonce is offering us a product looking like what we expect to get from her… young, sexy, classy, glamorous and designer looking.  Feels good!


 beyonce-december-cosmo6.jpg beyonce-december-cosmo4.jpg beyonce-december-cosmo3.jpg beyonce-december-cosmo1.jpg beyonce.jpg

Please give us more of the nice stuff!  I hope she will continue delivering the goods like she’s done here.  We’re sick of seeing these celebs entrepreneur take us for idiots, trying to catch us into their circus with sh*ty expensive-for-nothing crap.  That was what I felt we were getting from her. 

I hope she will continue on the good road giving us good designs.  Sorry, I’m talking Beyonce only.. In my head mom+sis are not in the crew..  Beyonce is the one working her ass off and rollin’ the business, we all know that. 


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Have a look at Nicky Hilton’s new line “Chick” at Smashbox Studios for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in Los Angeles.

Spring/ Summer 08

Eewww….Perfect clothes to end up looking like your 7 years old little cousin! get a lollipop and 2 ponytails et.. le tour est joué.  I usually have a soft spot for the “girlie girl” stuff but.. not this time..No thanks

BUT… I must say, i like the white dress with big bow detail at the end!

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Justin Timberlake’s jeans brand got me! I fiiiiinally bought the “famous” William Rast jeans savoy in evening wash.  Even if i’m sick of JT and tired to see Miss Simpson wearing them non-stop


hehe look who’s talking…i’m so sure i’ll do the same 

Can’t wait to get them! …I’ll give you complete feed back.



Get more William Rast jeans at Revolve clothing

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