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I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t like this bag AT ALL. 

To me it looks ridiculous and unclassy… you would have to pay me to walk around with it. (and still I’m not sure if I would) 



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How can a person like her with money and resources can show up to the world with outrageous curls, and screwed up gradient blond color like this? 

Starting bleach followed with light yellow to turn into an orange to get rust and go back to light yellow. WOW.   

And the outfit? no comments.



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Seems like tonight is the DA night where some of our friends are heading straight to the “FASHION WTF” category! 

I was looking at my celebs websites/blogs and had to put the reading on “PAUSE” to come and relieve myself because it was just SO BAD. lol (and actually, I just realize what a good girl I’ve been lately…it feels like forever since I did any bitching! huumm… impressive by my standards  😉 )

NO BUT… WTF?  (sorry but no other word suits better than the wonderful WTF. lol.) Mischa Barton is getting so good at entertaining us with her wardrobe malfunction day after day. Did she truly think this stupid outfit would be a hit??  She HAS GOT to be playing idiot and wearing this just to get attention cause this is too hilarious.  I mean the blouse and that huge puffy balloon crunchy asymetrical skirt are terrible on their own, no wonder both together render an horrific result….and the new blond hair doesn’t look good on top of that. 


Second disaster is Madonna going to Cipriani with her greasy 2″ roots.  No comments!  Except that it makes me feel less ashamed about my 1″ that I have to do.  🙂


Last one is miss Paaaaaaris Hilton wearing those AWFUL Roberto Cavalli at H&M leopard print tights (leftovers that nobody wanted) matching perfectly the dress to make the whole thing ever more sickening.  And how unsexy is she! (does the ‘unsexy’ word exist?lol) …her way of walking, standing and posing is “euww”.  So irritating.  She must be the one I hate the most in Freakin’ Hollywood. 


OK, My “bitching break” is over! Well, I hope this is it for tonight.  Thanks for reading, now I’m good to go back to my celebs blogs reading favorite activity!

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Fur to be one of the hottest trend this winter …and gaining popularity, celebrities are wearing their fur coats all over the place (aah..me and my multiple fur posts. lol) and how BAD Peta’s new campaign targeting the Olsen twins is…

thetrollsens1.jpgpeta campaign olsen twinspeta campaign olsen twins 1

Oh Yesss, there is plenty of action in the fur department!  And to add a little more icing on the cake, question of making Peta screeaaaaaam 10X more….

Guess WHO is launching WHAT?? 


Lil Kim is launching her own range of fur!

Her new line called ‘Royalty Fur’ and will include clothes and accessories all made from animal pelts.  She attended the New York premiere of new film The Perfect Holiday on Monday night sporting a $5,000 brown fur coat with a white fur trim from her collection.“Every female in the game, they’re painting their own picture. I do what I do, they do what they do. May the best woman win.”

OH GOD!! They went mad because Olsen twins clothing line “The Row” includes a few fur items. lol.  Let’s just imagine how FURIOUS they must be with Lil Kim’s line which is TOTALLY made out of fur. 

I bet SHE IS, no question about it, the next victim on “Peta’s wish list”!! They must be craving for her so bad at the moment. 


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I NEED to know what jeans Jessica Alba is wearing on these pics!  I just love the cut and the retro light blue wash. 

 jessica alba pregnantjessica alba pregnant 1

This blue shade, reminds me of my vintage 70’s Levis elephants legs I USED to wear and looove when I was sweet 16…But unfortunatly, their not part of my jeans’ team anymore.  My super mom trowed them away, apparently by mistake! LOL…. huummm…not sure about that!  She hated them! 

So..I’ll find out about these pretty jeans and let you know ..(I have that little feeling they are HUDSON’s..)

Anyway, I’ll be back with the crispy details! 🙂

(OH BOY!!! This girl is not going to stop covering her face any time soon!! Paparazzis will be sticking 10X more to her a**  now that she is in the pregnant celebs club.)

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This fall I’ve been adoring these thigh high boots since the beginning!!  So, no surprise that seeing Kate Moss wearing hers, especially, over the skinny jeans make me salivating more and more about the idea of getting a pair too.. 


I really like them over the skinny jeans.  It makes them easier to wear everyday, and gives a more casual look than paired with a mini skirt or mini dress.


…But they will always be ready for the dressed up night out and ensure the sexiness! I WISH I will one day get to parade in these boots!  Santa Claus?? did you hear that!?

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To continue on the crazy fur frenzy track…  

After our last week approval of Kate Moss and Kate Hudson’s “sensas” white fur coats… make some noise for Alessandra Ambrosia who did such a great job at rockin’ her white fur cropped jacket, perfectly matching her cute short party dress!  WOW! I LOVE, LOVE the way she put it together. 

I mean.. this is APPROVED without even thinking.  You are GOING TO HOLLYWOOD honey!! 😉


 ..if you’re a lady planning to follow Alessandra’s footsteps, there’s this Kaitlin white rabbit fur jacket at GUESS for $248 that could do the job! and the big + is that this style is a classic. 


Not satisfied? You might check out that post I did last week with more fur coats + jackets choices,  here you go chic girls.

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