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I got them in the mail yesterday, they are now mine ūüôā


Remember, ¬†I was telling you that I had decided to make the jump and buy a pair of the WILLIAM RAST Savoy low trouser in Evening wash (Jessica¬†Simpson’s jeans).¬† I know, It took a¬†long time until I could tell you more about them.¬† The reason is, as I said lately, I¬†received them but had to send them back¬†because the size was too small for me (like very small).¬† I got scared and ordered a size smaller than usual after¬†looking at¬†some reviews saying that they weren’t fitting true to size and running smaller than normal.¬† It ended up not being the case for me, I at the end went for¬†the same size¬†as I buy most of the time¬†in jeans.¬† Yes, for me they do fit true to size.¬† Anyways…all that count is that¬†I’m very happy now that I have the¬†right size for me.¬†

What I have to say is…OMG, they are the MOST low rise jeans I’ve EVER had.¬† I wasn’t expecting that much.¬† I thought my FRANKIE B. were the lowest¬†that could exist, but no.¬†¬†WR¬†Savoy ultra¬†low trouser aren’t called “ultra low” for fun, they really are!!¬† Especially front rise, I’m not kidding, the fly is made¬†with a mini¬†baby¬†2″ zipper length.¬†¬†But hopefully, the back rise length¬†is made to look a little higher¬†compare to¬†front so¬†it’s fine for me..and I know denim will give a little more after worn a few times.¬† But still, it is not high at all.¬† Standing up is¬†good but when you sit it’s risky.¬† You must make sure¬†you have your cute panties on¬†or the long top to cover…because¬†chances are there for butt crack¬†to say “hello”.¬† But I ‚ô•LOVE them.¬† They are a great buy!¬†¬†Definitely one of the nicest jeans I’ve got.¬† I will, for sure, wear them alot. (with my long tops ūüėČ )¬†

If you wanna have a better idea of how it looks on me (girl’s next door body), I took some pictures¬†of¬†the waist part front,¬†side and back views.¬†



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…flashing the red version


Aren’t the¬†RAY BAN¬†wayfarer¬†sunglasses terrific in red!¬†Mary Kate¬†is waking me up on these.

There is also Sienna¬†Miller¬†who is beautifully wearing them.¬† I’ve never really been attracted¬†to the¬†original wayfarers, I don’t know… probably¬†because¬†my¬†eyes kept seeing these other¬†“wayferers fans”¬†that¬†are just not fashion inspiring me.¬†(thinking about¬†Drew, kiki…)¬†

But now, I’m mentally ready,¬†you can bring that¬†flashy red over here!

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I can’t believe this one!! Kirsten Dunst to be the new face of MIU MIU¬†for S/S 08.¬† What’s wrong with them!!??¬†¬†I’m SO DISAPPOINTED.¬† Are we talking about the same girl?¬† This unpretty kid who always looks and dresses like sh*t?


How insulting it is for Laetitia Casta and¬†Lindsay Lohan beauties who did previous seasons.¬† Lindsay, in particular, did such a great job.¬† Her MIU MIU pictures were stunning….remember.¬†

Apparently the shooting is done… now, lets wait to see the results.¬† I CAN’T wait to see if photographers, makeup artist…¬†got extra talent boost to make¬†her look like a product we want to buy.¬† And if it is the case, like my girl H√©l√®ne always says, I’m going bald! lol.

Sorry, but to me, it smells like we are going to have a great¬†bitching¬†time!¬† It’s a date! See you on this one.

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WOW! B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L shots!! How HOT is that!

I like her, she is especially pretty during pregnancy.¬† I like the fact that this girl hasn’t been screaming everywhere about her pregnancy¬†and that ,now, she is making a bomb¬†effect doing¬†MARIE CLAIRE naked with baby bump in jewelry and high heels.¬†

Btw,¬†I truly like these semi-naked, naked¬†pregnant women pictures and I don’t get how some people can find them disgusting.¬† How can it be disgusting??¬† Seriously, there is no reasons¬†to be¬†chocked here.¬† We don’t see anything but skin and baby bump.¬† It’s not like she is flashing stuff we don’t want to see.¬† Please give me a break!¬†

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Watch Mary Kate behind de scenes working¬†NYLON’s December issue.¬† She also speaks about latest projects and her clothing line, The Row.¬†

I like her here!

But these black¬†studded platform “disproportionate shoes addiction”¬†must stop!!!¬† She’s been wearing them since foreeeeever, when it’s not the boots, it’s the sandals.¬†¬†These shots¬†of her¬†wearing the “not too big” orange patent pumps are beautiful.

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OMG!!¬† The pretty¬†silk slip¬†out of the bedroom can look very nice and sexy but …

NOT when it turns into a static frenzy


…served with a flashing butt session!!¬†


Really not cute to look at!¬† We don’t¬†need to see Paris’s little flat ugly a**.

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Lauren Conrad (The Hills)¬†designed a few¬†handbags for LINEA PELLE¬†exclusively available at LPCollection.com.¬† The collection includes a tote (lauren’s picture), a clutch and a coin purse all coming¬†in dark olive, black and espresso brown colors.


CUTE, CUTE!¬† I love the gold chains’ detail and leather looks of great quality.¬† The only¬†thing¬†is the bags¬†are on pre-order and will be shipped in December.

So…cute cute for our Xmas wish list or for giving but comes with extra stress.¬† Shipped in December means what? Are they going to start shipping at beginning, mid or end of the month??¬† Because we¬†want our gifts sitting under the tree with others right on time…not in the mail!

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