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MAKE SOME NOISE for my new UGGS!!  yesss! winter is almost here..it’s time to start to wear the “moumou” boots! (it’s about the only thing that gets me excited about winter time. lol) 


It is a real ‘winter love affair’, every year I get a brand new pair to attack winter ‘top comfy and cute’. (comfy+cute is really a hard thing to get when it comes to ‘winter boots’ )  I know some gals attack summer in LA with them.. lol …but at -20C (or -4F) there’s even more love! It’s funny how each year I jump back in them and get to rediscover how these boots are a WOW…a real feet paradise!

But it’s always the same story,  each fall I get so excited to start wearing them again, and by MARCH, I get sick of it all and can’t see them anymore….and dump them! lol 

..and it goes on and on…. 😉


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Lindsay looks so cute in her grey bubble dress, long cardigan, blonder than ever with her Farrah Fawcett inspired haircut she redid. I ♥ love love love  (I did it last year, I’m seriously thinking about redoing it) and AGAIN her FABULOUS Tom Ford sunglasses!

I’m telling you, there’s a tiny tiny line between being a good girl and just throwing them in the shopping cart!  

llohan102707_03.jpg llohan102707_23.jpg

picst thanks X17

Sorry to stick on Lindsay’s sunglasses I can’t help it. 

If you’re crazy as I am for them go see the post I did about it here for all details.

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The silk evening pleated dresses

KK did it, Mel B too..

kim-kardashian-27-bday-jets-1027-7.jpg melb102207_01.jpg

and it looks amaaaazing! 

It hurts to say that but KK’s outfit from head to toe couldn’t be better.  That bitch girl IS absolutely GORGEOUS in hers.  Everything is perfect… her glitzy accessories are pumping up perfectly the whole thing!  I like very much Mel B’s purple one but the grey boots with it..I don’t think so!  It looks too heavy and bold.  For the shoes, I think we should follow KK’s example.

If you feel like getting a nice silk pleated dress, I found a very similar option at bebe’s store.  Go see

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 It’s AFTER PRE-PARTY time!!  (No way I was gonna skip this part) lol

Yeah, me AGAIN on Roberto Cavalli’s H&M collection

Fresh headed,  back on my feet after the frenzy from the launching, I had a serious look at the website’s complete collection and SADLY realized something was missing.



I CAN’T see it on website! The brown version is there but..NOT THE GREY one!! 

SH*T.  Don’t tell me this one was just to look cute on mags pics!  They probably decided not to bring it to production!  I’m SO DISAPPOINTED, I thought the grey version with the wide gold belt was sooooo nice.  That was my TOP1/ ultimate goal. 

OK!! Let’s not panick until I get to see myself on Nov 8.  Maybe, the website doesn’t precise when a style comes in more than 1 color (but it sounds negative)…  BUT, at least, the gold mini dress is still in the game!

Actually, the collection looks amazing but I thought they were keeping some kind of ‘PUNCH items’ for the launch.  We had already seen pretty much the whole collection from the ad, magazines, etc…I was sure they were keeping something VERY SPECIAL for the launch but… (I don’t know, maybe it’s just me)

The accessories are insane…HOW HAPPY I was to discover that they made a gold snake ring to match the bracelet I was watchin’ 🙂  SOLD! I’m taking both for sure.  And the leopard shoes.. OUCH! Perfect for a look “à la Gwen”!

Ok, I’m done.  For now! 

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We can see the ENTIRE ‘Roberto Cavalli at H&M’ collection (Women’s, Men’s, accessories) and….ALSO we can see stuff like a commercial, an exclusive interview with Roberto himself and more…

GO pre Party here!

We are almost there guys!

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What was meant to happen happenned…

Mariah Carey didn’t listen to my “Black thigh high boots” warning from my Smokin’ Hot post where I said:

DANGEROUS ZONE!! you don’t want to look like our Pretty Woman!”

Well…she did get the unwanted look quiet good! How naive I am, that was so predictable.  lol 

Here she is


I can’t wait to see who’s gonna be the next boots victim! (humm..I bet Paula Abdul)

and I have to say: How can you mess with Louboutin like that!? 😦  (that IS a sin)

Mariah, I love you still

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I just can’t WAIT til November 8! Still 16 days left until I can ‘party shop’ Roberto Cavalli at H&M!


Like all the fashionistas, this shopping day has been booked on the calendar the second the big news were announced.  So, like many of you, on the Nov 8th, I’ll be waking up early (I mean really early) and bring my a** to the store as fast as I can for “$$$ gone wild spending session”.  Aaah! my heart’s racing just to think about it!

And since I know I’m not the only one excited…

These are the flashy bags and gift boxes in which we’ll be carrying our Roberto Cavalli at H&M treasures.  So luxurious, and the insides are leopard printed! OMG! no kidding! Every single detail is just amazing! Did you see the red velvet hanger? The black lace pouch is I guess in what they’ll give us our small purchases like lingerie/ accessories and the bills will be put in the leopard card! Sorry but all that doesn’t go in the garbage/ recycling bin back home!


But let’s talk real business!

Here’s the TOP 3 “goodies” I WANT… and that better look as good as on pictures!

TOP 1/ ultimate goal: the Leopard Tunic Dress.  In brown or grey, doesn’t matter, they are both super nice.  Hum, you get to put the gold belt with the grey one…I like this look alot!


TOP 2: the gold dress.  Yeah yeah you’ve heard! “THE” glitzy/ glamorous mini dress that will always make us feel like a diva..(and the one that our daugther will beg to borrow when she hits 16!)


TOP3: the Zebra Print Trench Coat.  A little ‘loud’ but…STUNNING!!!


and… the gold snake bracelet! I can’t help but thinking about the nice one my mother had in the 80’s.  I have to see with her if she still has it…I hope she does! lol


I’m just dying to try these on!  Can you believe!? We’re talking Roberto Cavalli stuff at an affordable price range.  Can’t wait to see the complete collection!

In case you didn’t see it… If you’re into fashion illustrations stuff, you’ll like the sketches bellow that Liselotte Watkins did for the first Roberto Cavalli at H&M. 




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